Top 10 Things Companies Look For When Making Hiring Decisions: Part 2

When interviewing candidates on campus for open positions there are several things we look for when determining whether or not we will move forward with an offer. To give you a competitive edge I would like to share the remaining top 10 characteristics with you.  Please see my last post for the first half.

6. Interpersonal Skills

It is important to prove to any employer that you have strong interpersonal skills. This means, having the ability to create an atmosphere of openness and trust. If you are unable to project a team mentality and give the impression you are only focused on yourself and personal gain this will likely turn most employers away. Giving examples of how you have contributed to creating a positive work environment will prove to your potential employer that you possess strong interpersonal skills. For example, I’ve interviewed students before who looked appalled when I told them as a manager you are expected to jump in and help out your staff whether it’s cleaning rooms, washing dishes, etc. I’m impressed with the students that respond with,” Well of course! You can’t be a great manager if you don’t know how to do the job of your employees and you aren’t willing to be hands on.”

7. Enthusiasm

Bringing enthusiasm to an interview is key so get the coffee brewing!  Having a laze faire attitude will cause the employer question your commitment, interest and drive.  You can show your enthusiasm with a big smile, energy and through your non-verbal actions. For example, Leaning back in the chair with your arms crossed and legs up tells us you could care less. Having good posture and leaning slightly forward tells us you are not only interested but engaged. Enthusiasm tells a recruiter you are truly interested and passionate about the company and position you are applying. Being able to articulate your career aspirations/goals as well as your accomplishments will confirm you are a self-starter and can bring something to the table.

8. Maturity

Being sure of yourself and reflecting confidence will most definitely help you land the job! However, confidence is good and arrogance is not. There is a fine line. No one knows everything and you should never assume you know more than the person sitting next to you. However it is important to show you are confident in your skills and abilities based on your previous experiences and accomplishments. On the other hand, coming across completely unsure of your self may result in the Recruiter questioning your knowledge and ability to be a future leader in the company. Maturity also means showing professionalism throughout the interview and never talking poorly about previous employers. We have all had jobs that weren’t our favorite and that’s ok, but how you spin it will prove your level of maturity. Tell your recruiter what you learned from your experience and how it shaped the person you are today and the manager you will become.

9. Tenacity

Providing examples of how you have stayed positive during times of adversity whether in your school or work experiences tells a lot about you.  It lets us know whether or not you can handle challenging situations and tough times or whether you need direction and coaching. For example what did you do when you had a guest or customer who was upset? Did you stay calm and figure out the problem or were you quick to get a manager so you didn’t have to deal with the problem?

10. Flexibility

An ideal candidate to most organizations is someone who is committed. A candidate who understands the industry they are applying and what it takes to succeed in that industry. Someone who is so committed they are willing to go anywhere and do anything to get the job done.  Someone who is flexible and a team player is deemed an asset to almost all businesses.

Think about these 10 things that recruiters look for before your next interview and try to think of experiences you have had so that you can articulate these experiences in your next interview.


Heidi is one of 3 College Recruiting Managers for Hyatt. She is responsible for recruiting top talent  at hospitality universities across the country, primarily for Hyatt’s Corporate Management Training program and Corporate Internship program.  Heidi visits up to 14 campuses twice a year to promote the Hyatt brand and college programs. Most recently Heidi has become involved with External Functional Recruitment for Culinary Management positions in North America. She earned her BS Degree in Interpersonal Communication with a minor in Business from Ohio University in 2001. Heidi has been with Hyatt for 9 years and started in the programs she now recruits for. To learn more about opportunities with Hyatt please visit, follow Hyatt on twitter @hyattcareers, become a Hyatt Facebook fan at Hyatt Hotels and Resorts Careers and follow the Campus blog at

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