Tumblr: A Gateway to Personal Blogging

Fellow contributor Anna Manasova recently posted 5 things she wished she’d done during her final year of college. The first item on that list was to start a blog (and update it regularly). I couldn’t agree more. Looking back at my college career, I wish I was documenting the journey and highlighting my work along the way.

I agree with Anna’s sentiment. To do blogging well takes a lot of time and effort, but the journey is a rewarding one. Establishing a blog builds your personal brand online and does wonders for your personal search engine optimization (SEO).  In today’s world, potential employers turn to Google to find out more about their candidates and having self-produced, findable content can give you a leg up in the competitive job market.

Although dedicating time for blogging can be difficult, there’s a great tool to help introduce you to the world of blogging. I recently started using Tumblr, a micro-blogging tool. Tumblr lets you effortlessly share anything from text, photos, quotes, links, music and videos through many vehicles such as web, phone, desktop or email. Your personal Tumblr blog is also easily customizable to reflect your personality. In my opinion, Tumblr is an excellent gateway to personal blogging.

Below are some of my favorite features of Tumblr thus far.

  1. Free: Tumblr is completely free. There isn’t a need to pay for any features or tools.
  2. Convenient: It’s very easy to post anything, anywhere. My favorite thing about Tumblr is the fantastic mobile user experience. They have a great app for iPhone, Blackberry and Android. You can also update by email and call in audio through a specific number.
  3. Customization: Tumblr has a plethora of themes to choose from to reflect your specific personality and voice and the interface for customization is very easy to understand.
  4. Distribution:  Tumblr can automatically post seamlessly to your Facebook News Feed and automatically update your Twitter with your latest post.
  5. Built in Community and Optimization: Tumblr has a great built-in network of users to discover your content and Tumblr also performs fairly well in search engine results which helps get your content discovered. You can also paste in the Google Analytic tracking code to see how successful your posts are!

I’m still green to Tumblr (started posting on December 23) but so far, I find it to be an useful to make blogging a less cumbersome practice. Set up an account, give it a shot and tell me what you think. If you’re using Tumblr, what do you find most useful?


Andrew is a Social Media + PR Coordinator for Comet Branding, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With degrees in Business and Communications from Wisconsin Lutheran College, Andrew joined Comet right after graduation and is now helping clients build and execute marketing and public relation strategies. He has an affinity for media relations and how it blends into the realm of social media. To find out more, follow him on Twitter, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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2 Responses to “Tumblr: A Gateway to Personal Blogging”

  1. avatar Steve says:

    I just started using Tumbr too. So far I really like it! like you said, it works great with the iPhone and is easy to update whenever I want. I also like that you can do other things besides just writing. You can upload a picture, video, quote, or even just audio. I am new to it also, so I still have a lot to learn too.

    • avatar Andrew Wiech says:

      Hey Steve -

      Thanks for the comment. I agree. The mobile experience is what really sold me and I continue to find out more things to do on Tumblr. Hope you enjoy using the platform and let me know if you find anything super cool.

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