Using Your Existing Contacts to Find the Perfect Job

One of the most common ways of finding a job is through someone you already know. Reach out to your Career Services, fellow classmates, current/former employers and friends and family to discuss your search.  Reaching out to your on-campus and off-campus contacts may lead to additional contacts and job opportunities you may have not been able to find on your own.


Your career services office should be one of your first stops when looking for a job. They can provide you with information regarding job fairs, company presentations and even current openings employers may have reached out to the University about while looking for candidates. Career Services may also be able to put you in touch with Alumni who are currently working in the industry you are pursuing.

Talk to your peers who are in your major and in your classes. Discuss the opportunities they have had and the companies in which they are currently working. They may be able to provide you with some contact information and/or leads on current openings. Outside of the classroom speak with those you are involved with in school clubs, sports, social groups, etc.


Previous and/or current work experience can come in handy when finding your next job. Reach out to your current/former employers where you worked as an intern or full time to see if they can refer you to another company or similar business. Internships are a great foot-in the door if you haven’t worked in the field you are pursuing. Offering to work as an intern at a company you are interested can open doors.

Encourage your family and friends to keep you in mind for openings at their companies. Most companies have a referral program that gives preference to candidates referred by current associates and may even offer your friend or family member a referral bonus if you are hired!

Organizations & Education

Lastly, be sure to join any groups in your area that are affiliated with the industry that interests you.  For example, HR Professionals are typically involved with the group SHRM which is on a National level but also has local chapters. Attending meetings, conferences, sessions and classes of these groups can provide additional networking opportunities. These groups may also have websites that offer job postings for companies affiliated with the industry.

Get out and start talking to those in your network. More than likely a job opportunity is just a conversation away!


Heidi is one of 3 College Recruiting Managers for Hyatt. She is responsible for recruiting top talent  at hospitality universities across the country, primarily for Hyatt’s Corporate Management Training program and Corporate Internship program.  Heidi visits up to 14 campuses twice a year to promote the Hyatt brand and college programs. Most recently Heidi has become involved with External Functional Recruitment for Culinary Management positions in North America. She earned her BS Degree in Interpersonal Communication with a minor in Business from Ohio University in 2001. Heidi has been with Hyatt for 9 years and started in the programs she now recruits for. To learn more about opportunities with Hyatt please visit, follow Hyatt on twitter @hyattcareers, become a Hyatt Facebook fan at Hyatt Hotels and Resorts Careers and follow the Campus blog at

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