Student Branding TV is a weekly online video show starring Amber Rae Lambke and Kade Dworkin. Each episode will review career concepts and ideas that are blogged about each week on the site.  Students of all ages can submit questions and feedback to Amber and Kade using

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TV Schedule

Here is what to expect from the Personal Branding TV crew:

  • 1st and last week of the month – Amber and Kade will have joint videos, where they highlight various career tips and comment amongst each other using a split screen interface.
  • 2nd week: Amber leads with a topic on Monday and then Kade follows-up with a response on Tuesday
  • 3rd week: Kade leads with a topic on Monday and then Amber follows-up with a response on Tuesday

Episode #1

  • Dan Schawbel

    Dan Schawbel, the founder of the Student Branding Blog, is a world renowned personal branding expert, the international bestselling author of Me 2.0, as well as the publisher of the Personal Branding Blog.

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  • Chelsea Rice

    Chelsea Rice is the editor-in-chief of the Student Branding Blog. She began her work for just before graduating from Boston University, where she studied journalism and minored in international relations.

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    • "A terrific way for students to learn about branding" - Lindsey Pollak
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