What Facebook’s updates mean to your personal brand

Social media is very dynamic, constantly changing and advancing. That being said, you need to stay on top of your accounts to maintain your personal brand.

On Sunday, December 15, Facebook rolled out a new profile layout with the goal to be able to show and tell your story much easier, but what do these updates mean to your personal brand?

Starts with a snapshot

One of the first changes that stands out is your quick profile summary. This is a snapshot of your life. This section includes your current position, educational background, relationship status, etc. … Basically it’s a first impression. Anyone viewing your profile has a quick glance at your life and it jumps off the page. Be sure to keep it current and full of information that you’d like to have a potential employer see.

Photo Slideshow

Another new update is the photo slideshow right below your quick summary. This section includes the most recent pictures in which you’ve been tagged. Keeping that in mind, it’s now more important than ever to untag anything you don’t want the world to see and to stay current with checking to see which photos you’ve been tagged.

Connect with Co-workers

It appears that Facebook has taken a page out of LinkedIn’s book. With this new feature, you can connect with co-workers and go into more detail about projects you’re working on. This new feature allows you to dive deeper into your professional connections on Facebook and highlight personal projects and accomplishments.

Showcase Educational Background

Similarly to the employer section, Facebook also now allows you to flesh out your educational experience. One addition is the “add a class” function. This allows you to enter in class information that can be used to showcase what you’ve learned in that particular area of study. This allows you to share particular accomplishments you are most proud of and feature some of your work in the classroom.

Best practices are still being written concerning Facebook’s updates to personal profiles but these changes will most certainly affect your personal brand. Spend some time looking at your profile and find a creative way to set yourself apart.

How else do you see these changes affecting your personal brand?


Andrew is a Social Media + PR Coordinator for Comet Branding, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With degrees in Business and Communications from Wisconsin Lutheran College, Andrew joined Comet right after graduation and is now helping clients build and execute marketing and public relation strategies. He has an affinity for media relations and how it blends into the realm of social media. To find out more, follow him on Twitter, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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