What Makes Millennials Marketable to Employers

Millennials get a bad rep with employers by being labeled as the entitlement generation. And all that negativity can start to hinder a young professional’s mojo when looking for a j-o-b. But don’t fret millennials; those entitlement tendencies can make you more marketable when applying for positions. So when someone asks you on your next interview, what qualities you bring to the job, keep these points filed away in your mental rolodex.

You understand the importance of face-time.

Forget the naysayers. Millennials love face-time. Especially when it comes to job searching. You recognize your fabulosity cannot be adequately communicated on paper. What you lack in experience you make up for in your verbal communication, your ability to connect to others by reading a person or situation, your bubbly personality and confident intelligence. You grasp the concept of selling yourself up-close and personal in order to comprehend the total package. So use your inner salesman to let employers realize that you can close the deal regardless of the situation.

You’re not afraid to ask why.

My mother used to call this being born with a question mark in your mouth. You’ve been programmed not to take things at face value. You aren’t afraid to ask difficult questions, challenge the status quo or demand to understand the purpose of the work you’re being asked to perform. You hold people accountable and keep everyone honest. This is the stuff of motivators, thought leaders and mature judgment. These are qualities any employer would clamor to hire.

You keep your eye on the prize.

You’re prompted by goals. You live for milestones and continuously seek out stepping stones. You hunger for ways to reach the next level and strive to get there in the most efficient, creative way possible. You evoke change, keep things fresh, and people on their toes.

You’re thirsty for knowledge.

You get drunk from genius bars. Growth and development is not negotiable for you. Self-improvement is your mantra, and advancing your skills is your road to employment bliss. Your personal enlightenment is a beacon of light for any company wanting to outshine the competition. Let employers know you want to lap up every drop of their offerings and are willing to learn from others regardless of what level they’re on.

You have a lot to offer the employment world and experience is yours for the taking. Make sure you use your powers for good and don’t let all your admirable qualities go to your head. Work your magic and make those visions of entitlement vanish from employers when they consider you.


Yolanda M. Owens is a recruiting sensei, intern whisperer and awarding-winning author of  How to Score a Date with Your Potential Employer. Learn more about Yolanda and her employer “dating” tips by visiting her website  or fan her on Facebook. Yolanda has been a College Recruiting Specialist for over 15 years managing internship and entry-level talent recruiting programs at Fortune 500 companies such as Bausch & Lomb, Ernst & Young, The Washington Post, Freddie Mac and AOL. As a speaker and career coach, she uses her candid sense of humor and unconventional style to bring young professionals a fresh, relatable view into the corporate world by paralleling job seeking to the dating process. Yolanda also uses her recruiting knowledge to give GenY an insider’s look at what companies seek in young, potential candidates. Yolanda has been quoted as a top recruiting expert and contributing writer for various publications including USA Today, The Huffington Post, AOL Jobs, The Ladders and CBS News. Yolanda is originally from western New York where she attended St. Bonaventure University. 

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