Which Type of Employee are You?

Defining your role in the workplace

Many of us in social media and business worry about our brand in terms of how those in our industry view us. So much so, that we forget about our brand in the workplace. On any team or in any office, every person has a brand or role that they bring to the table. Some good, some bad but its your job to have awareness and define your role for the better within the company.

To help you define yourself and others, here are some different types of workers you can find in any office.

The Go-Getter

An opportunist. This is someone you always want on your team. They move quickly and fearlessly through each project they encounter and always ready for a new challenge. Their name is synonymous with hustle and like a good running back, they burst through when they see even the smallest window of opportunity. The drawback is that these workers are rarely task oriented and have a tendency to move too quickly at times and trip themselves up. They can lead the company one day, but need to have organized people around them.

The Task Manager

Not necessarily a free spirit or someone who will design new initiatives that push the company forward, but these people are the ones you turn to when you need a project done. They can fly through even the most tedious of projects because they possess laser-like focus on a project until it is complete. An office needs these people, other wise projects hang in the air and timeliness is absent.

The Problem Solver

The office firefighter. These people are usually excellent leaders and masters of crisis communication. They possess poise and control in the face of adversity and always look for ways to solve the problem at hand. Even when things are crazy, they focus on getting everything in line to rectify the issue. These people have to be careful to not focus on the little things too much as problems can detract from the more important work that needs to be done.

The Innovator

These are the Steve Jobs types of the team and can also be go-getters. They are essential because they look at blank pages and can visualize a whole new concept. Their industry is their canvas and they love to paint and infuse their vision into the company’s product. This is a rare breed though and also often stubborn. No one ever said innovation and/or brilliance was easy to work with.

The Waiter

This is someone who you don’t necessarily want to be but won’t get fired for either. The waiter waits on managers and directors to give them work or for situations to settle before taking action. They can still produce quality work; they just need extra care and attention so that they stay on task. Needless to say, they rarely rise in a company.

The Operations Manager

The “drill sergeant.” This person makes sure that everyone stays on task and that the projects are all moving forward. A good operations manager means a team can run as a well-oiled machine. They may not be everyone’s favorite person but they are often very respected because of their leadership skills.

The Moral Booster

This person can be many other things, but they are the life of the office party. They get people excited while at work which is extremely important to succeed. A team must have camaraderie and a strong moral while working together. Even on a team that gets along, there are days when the last thing you want to do is be in the office and that’s when you need someone to pick everyone else up. Unfortunately, this person has to often walk a fine line between too much and the right amount of distraction.

What type of worker are you? Did I leave any off the list?


Harrison is the Community Manager at MBA@UNC, the new Online MBA program at the University of North Carolina and sticks to his entrepreneurial roots as the founder of the global social good campaign, Tweet Drive. As evidenced through his previous projects, Harrison has a passion for all things social media, philanthropy, and finding new ways for students to understand the power of a brand. Before moving to New York and while still a student at Temple University, Harrison founded the PR/Social Media consulting firm, Kratz PR as well as Engage TV and the #PRStudCast podcast.  Feel free to connect with him to discuss community, social good, branding, or the Philadelphia Phillies on Twitter, @KratzPR or Linkedin

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